Just A Few Quid - A radio play production highlighting the dangers of loan sharks

  • Play:
  • Song Name: Just A few Quid
  • Artist: Dramatic Action
  • Year: 2012

An audio play warning of the dangers of loan sharks is available to download for free on itunes.

The play entitled ‘Just a Few Quid’ was jointly funded by Bolton at Home and the England Illegal Money Lending Team, who work in partnership with Bolton Council Trading Standards, and is based on the real life story of a loan shark victim.

Volunteers from ‘Dramatic Action’ offered their time to record the play at Redbridge Studios in Bolton and it was produced by Radio Theatre Productions.

The play will be aired on XXX Community Radio and then used an educational tool is schools to encourage children to think about what they would do in the scenario and gain an understanding of the dangers of loan sharks in order to avoid them in later life. It will also be used during training sessions and presentations for various agencies and in schools for the blind, as a wide reaching medium.

There are an estimated 310,000 household across the UK using loan sharks. These unlicensed lenders usually appear friendly at first, but will quickly trap the borrower into a web of debt, by adding additional amounts and extra charges. Some loan sharks have been known to charge interest in excess of 130,000% APR.

Some lenders have been known take items ‘as security’ on the loans, and in some cases the lenders have taken bank or post office cards with the PIN in order to withdraw directly from borrowers accounts, leaving them with little or

nothing to get by on. Others have resorted to extreme methods such as intimidation, threats or violence to enforce payments.

The play will be used to encourage those who are in the clutches of a loan shark or know of someone who is to speak out.